Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid, Vol 55, No 1 (1997)

Floristic catalog and keys for identification of species of Cyperaceae from the States of Pemambuco and Paraiba (Northeastern Brazil)

Modesto Luceño
Real Jardín Botánico, CSIC, Spain

Marccus Vinicius Alves
Dpto. de Botánica, UFPE, Brazil

Ana Paula Mendes
Dpto. de Botánica, UFPE, Brazil


The present work presents the results of our studies of the family Cyperaceae in the northeastern Brazilian States of Pernambuco and Paraiba. The introduction includes a historical synopsis of previous work and summarizes the main types of vegetation found in the región. Keys for identification of the 22 genera and 127 species which comprise the catalogue are included. The species are enumerated for each genus, along with synonyms which have been employed in the región, material examined, frequency, habitat, general geographic distribution, and taxonomic observations where appropriate. More than half of the species are new records for Pernambuco and Paraiba. Two species are reported as new to science. Fuirena lainzii Luceño & M. Alves (1996) and Scleria pernambucana Luceño & M. Alves (1997). Two species are first reports from the American continent, Pycreus pumilus (L.) Nees and P. pelophilus (Ridley) C.B. Clarke, and two are first repoits for Brazil, Kyllinga nemoralis (J.R. Forster & G. Forster) Dandy ex Hutchinson & Daziel and Scleria mexicana (Liebm.) Boeck. Six genera and 10 species are new citations for the northeastem región of Brazil. A lectotype for Cyperus grossianus T.M. Ped. is chosen. Additionally, new localities are given for regional endemisms considered for be rare; other findings represent disjunctions of considerable biogeographical importance.


Cyperaceae; taxonomy; chorology; Brasil

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