Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid, Vol 56, No 1 (1998)

Presence and distribution of mycophyllas in Argentinian grasses

Mónica A. Lugo
IMBIV (CONICET-Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Córdoba, Argentina

Ana M. Anton
IMBIV (CONICET-Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Córdoba, Argentina

Daniel Cabral
PRHIDEB-CONICET, F. C. E. y N , Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina


The mycophyllas were studied in grasses (Poaceae) from natural Argentinian grasslands. Festuca fiebrigii Pilg., F. hieronymi Hack. var. expansa (St. Yves) Türpe, F. parodii St. Yves, Melica macra Nees, M. stuckertii Hack., Poa hieronymi Hack.. P. holciformis J. Presl, P. lilloi Hack., P. plicata Hack, and P. stuckertii (Hack.) Parodi are reponed as new hosts and the distribution área of the association for Festuca arundinacea Schreb., F. hieronymi Hack, var. hieronymi and F. tucumanica E.B. Alexeev, has been extended. The interaction was a mutualistic symbiosis. Most of the species had both the culm parenchyma and the fruits colonized, except in Melica macra. Poa hieronymi and P. plicata, where the symbiont was only observed in the parenchyma. On the other hand, variation in the association was observed in relation to the host species, location and altitude.


Fungal endophytes; grasses; mycophyllas; natural grasslands; Argentina

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