Contributions to the Andean Senecioneae (Compositae), part III: A new species of Senecio from northern Chile




Andes, Antofagasta, Asteraceae


A new species of Senecio L. from northern Chile is described on the basis of morphological evidence. It is a caespitose species characterized by displaying vertical hypogeous stems, fleshy spatulate leaves, subentire or distantly and shallowly dentate, discoid capitula with yellowish disc florets, anthers, and style branches, and long-pilose achenes. It is compared with the morphologically related species S. algens Wedd., S. altoandinus Cabrera, and S. cremnicola Cabrera. Detailed pictures of living plants are provided.


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Calvo, J., & Moreira-Muñoz, A. (2019). Contributions to the Andean Senecioneae (Compositae), part III: A new species of Senecio from northern Chile. Anales Del Jardín Botánico De Madrid, 76(2), e084.




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