New records of Anthracoidea pseudofoetidae (Anthracoideaceae) from Russia, and Microbotryum (Microbotryaceae) from Greece and Morocco




Phylogenetic analyses, smut fungi


A rare smut fungus, Anthracoidea pseudofoetidae, is reported for the first time from Russia, based on a specimen from the Altai Republic. Carex enervis is a new host record for A. pseudofoetidae. Two new records for Greece, Microbotryum duriaeanum and M. moenchiae-manticae, and a new record for Morocco, Microbotryum moehringiae, are also presented. Microbotryum moehringiae is recorded for the first time from Africa. Cerastium brachypetalum subsp. roeseri is a new host record for Microbotryum duriaeanum. New molecular data are provided for these smut fungi. Updated phylogenetic trees for Anthracoidea and Microbotryum are also given.


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