Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid, Vol 69, No 2 (2012)

A new species of Silene sect. Dipterosperma (Caryophyllaceae) from Sicily

Cristian Brullo
Dipartimento di Botanica, Università di Catania, Italy

Salvatore Brullo
Dipartimento di Botanica, Università di Catania, Italy

Gianpietro Giusso del Galdo
Dipartimento di Botanica, Università di Catania, Italy

Vincenzo Ilardi
Dipartimento di Biologia Ambientale e Biodiversitá, Italy

Saverio Sciandrello
Dipartimento di Botanica, Università di Catania, Italy


Silene kemoniana, a new species of the section Dipterosperma from NW Sicily, is described and illustrated. It is a therophyte that occurs in mountains near Palermo, where it grows on Mesozoic limestones in xerophilous garigues. Its relationships with S. colorata and allied species are also examined. A key of the species belonging to sect. Dipterosperma is provided.


Caryophyllaceae; Silene kemoniana sp. nov.; taxonomy; chorology; ecology; morphology; Sicily

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