Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid, Vol 57, No 1 (1999)

Notes on some Iberian Adenocarpus (Leguminosae)

Santiago Castroviejo
Real Jardín Botánico, CSIC - Trabajo realizado con fondos del proyecto Flora iberica PB96-0849 del Programa de Promoción General del Conocimiento, de la DGES, Spain


Problems of different kinds, with species of the genus Adenocarpus -group complicatus and gr. hispanicus- are analysed. A. anisochilus Boiss, is accepted at the specific leve!. Within A. complicatus s.l. the problems of identity of A. parvifolius DC. an A. intermedius DC. are discussed. A. desertorum Castrov., sp. nov., is described. Within the group hispanicus, the type material of A. hispanicus (Lm.) DC. is studied to demónstrate that the ñame should continué to be used in the traditional sense; the specific level for A. argyrophyllus (Rivas Goday) Caball. is proposed; A. hispanicus subsp. gredensis Rivas Mart. & Belmonte is considered as an hybrid between A. hispanicus and A. argyrophyllus, while A. hispanicus subsp. neilensis Rivas Mart. & G. Navarro is interpreted as a form without any important taxonomic valué of A. hispanicus


Adenocarpus; Leguminosae; taxonomy; typification; Iberian Península

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