Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid, Vol 58, No 2 (2000)

Orobanchaceae in the “Flora iberica” area: new taxa, excluded taxa, and typification

Michael J.Y. Foley
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Lancaster, United Kingdom


Two new Orobanche taxa are described: O. austrohispanica MJ.Y. Foley, and O. crinita Viv. var. occidentalis MJ.Y. Foley. Thirty-one species or subspecies of Orobanche and one species of Cistanche have been confirmed as being present within the Flora iberica área but some others previously recorded appear to have been so erroneously. In addition, Lathraea phelypaea L. {Cistanche phelypaea (L.) Cout.] and nine species of Orobanche (O. caryophyllacea Sm., O. cernua Loefl., O. elatior Sutton, O. gracilis Sm., O. ramose L., O. reticulate Wallr., O. rosmarina Beck, O. schultzii Mutel y O. variegata Wallr.) are typified.


Orobanchaceae; Orobanche; Cistanche; Lathraea; Flora iberica; taxonomy; distribution; typification

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