Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid, Vol 59, No 2 (2001)

Gramineae of José Arechavaleta (1838-1912), from Uruguay, in the Real Colegio Alfonso XII, San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid, Spain)

María A. Carrasco
Departamento de Biología Vegetal I, Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas, Universidad Complutense, Spain

Félix Muñoz Garmendia
Real Jardín Botánico, CSIC, Spain

Domingo Perea
Real Colegio Alfonso XII, Spain


The Royal Monastery of El Escorial was built in the xvi century by king Felipe U. In the part intended to be a college and seminary, the Real Colegio Alfonso XII was established in 1885. In this place, the treasures that had been accumulated for fíve hundred years, that carne from acquisitions, collections and donations, are stored. In this paper we present a small collection, of undeniable historical valué. It contains 186 Gramineae that were sent as a present to María Cristina, the Regent Queen of Spain, by the President of Uruguay on the occasion of the World Exhibition of Barcelona in 1888. The plants are part of the herbarium of the Flora Uruguaya of José Arechavaleta y Balparda [Santurce (España), 1838-Montevideo (Uruguay), 1912]. Some of the plants are annotated by Arechavaleta as new species, and some belong from the loc. clas. All this material is identified by Arechavaleta and J. Hackel.


historical collections; Gramineae; Arechavaleta; J. Hackel; Uruguay

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