Sertulum Ternstroemiacearum II: Ternstroemia tepuiensis J.R.Grande, sp. nov. (Ternstroemiaceae), a new species from the Guayana Shield




Guayana Shield, IUCN Red List, Taxonomy, tepuyes, Ternstroemia


As a part of an ongoing review for the genus Ternstroemia in the Guayana Shield, in northern South America, T. tepuiensis J.R.Grande, sp. nov. is described as new to science. This species, characterized by its relatively large leaves, flowers and fruits, as well as by its circumscissile dehiscent fruits, is only known from the sandstone tabletop mountains commonly named as «tepuis», where it seems to be a rather common floristic element. Ecological and biogeographical notes are included, while the conservation status of the new species is assessed as LC —Least Concern, following the IUCN Red List Categories—. A key to separate this species from remaining members of the genus that bear fruits with circumscissile dehiscence is offered at the end of the paper.


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