Studies in the Neotropical Apocynaceae LI: a new species of Laubertia (Apocynaceae) from Brazil




Apocynoideae, Echiteae, Laubertinae, Neotropics


A new species of Laubertia from Brazil supported by morphological characters and molecular data is described and illustrated. Laubertia brasiliensis sp. nov. is closely related to L. contorta from northern Mesoamerica and Mexico, but differs by its straight corolla tube, whereas L. contorta has a spirally contorted corolla tube. A key to the species of Laubertia is also provided.


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Morales, J. F. (2017). Studies in the Neotropical Apocynaceae LI: a new species of Laubertia (Apocynaceae) from Brazil. Anales Del Jardín Botánico De Madrid, 74(2), e063.