A new species of Silene sect. Dipterosperma (Caryophyllaceae) from Sicily


  • Cristian Brullo Dipartimento di Botanica, Università di Catania
  • Salvatore Brullo Dipartimento di Botanica, Università di Catania
  • Gianpietro Giusso del Galdo Dipartimento di Botanica, Università di Catania
  • Vincenzo Ilardi Dipartimento di Biologia Ambientale e Biodiversitá
  • Saverio Sciandrello Dipartimento di Botanica, Università di Catania




Caryophyllaceae, Silene kemoniana sp. nov., taxonomy, chorology, ecology, morphology, Sicily


Silene kemoniana, a new species of the section Dipterosperma from NW Sicily, is described and illustrated. It is a therophyte that occurs in mountains near Palermo, where it grows on Mesozoic limestones in xerophilous garigues. Its relationships with S. colorata and allied species are also examined. A key of the species belonging to sect. Dipterosperma is provided.


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Brullo, C., Brullo, S., Giusso del Galdo, G., Ilardi, V., & Sciandrello, S. (2012). A new species of Silene sect. Dipterosperma (Caryophyllaceae) from Sicily. Anales Del Jardín Botánico De Madrid, 69(2), 209–216. https://doi.org/10.3989/ajbm.2327