Labiates (Lamiaceae) from Equatorial Guinea


  • R. Morales Real Jardín Botánico, CSIC



Lamiaceae, Equatorial Guinea, Bioko, Equatorial Guinea mainland, Annobon, chorology


The identification of 223 collections of the Lamiaceae family, from Bioko island, Rio Muni (Equatorial Guinea mainland) and Annobon, corresponding to 14 genera and 28 species, is presented. A key of genera and, in each genus, a key of species are included. The basionym and type material, a brief description, the known chromosomic numbers, the distribution area and some known popular uses from each species, also included are photographs of sheets and distribution maps. Some biogeographical aspects about the generic and specific distribution in the studied area are discussed. Calaminta pseudosimensis (Brenan) R. Morales, comb. nov. is proposed.


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