Two new species of Euphorbia sect. Nummulariopsis (Euphorbiaceae) from South America


  • Pablo Carrillo-Reyes Instituto de Ecología, A.C., Centro Regional del Bajío
  • Victor W. Steinmann Instituto de Ecología, A.C., Centro Regional del Bajío



Brazil, Euphorbia cordeiroae, E. guaraniorum, Paraguay, Portulacastrum


Two new species of sect. Nummulariopsis, Euphorbia guaraniorum and E. cordeiroae, are described and illustrated. Euphorbia guaraniorum appears to be related to E. portulacoides and is distinguished by its densely arranged ensiform leaves. It is known only from the Yacyretá and Ybycui Islands in southern Paraguay. Euphorbia cordeiroae, occurs in the state of Goiás, Brazil, and is similar to E. stenophylla, from which it differs in its higher stature and very narrow and loosely arranged leaves.


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Carrillo-Reyes, P., & Steinmann, V. W. (2011). Two new species of Euphorbia sect. Nummulariopsis (Euphorbiaceae) from South America. Anales Del Jardín Botánico De Madrid, 68(2), 167–173.




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