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Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid, Vol 59, No 2 (2001)

A revisión of the genus Cephalanthera (Orchidaceae) in the Iberian Península and Balearic Islands

María Luisa Alarcón, Carlos Aedo


A revision of the genus Cephalanthera in the Iberian Peninsula and NW of Africa has been done. Three species have been accepted. These species, C. rubra, C. longifolia and C. damasonium, have been listed with their synonyms in the study zone, a detailed description of each, and distribution maps. The indumentum pollen and seeds have been studied by SEM. C. damasonium has been typified.


Cephalanthera; Orchidaceae; taxonomy; distribution; typification; Iberian Península; NW of África

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