Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid, Vol 59, No 1 (2001)

Androecium ontogeny in Normania triphylla (Lowe) Lowe (Solaneae Solanaceae)

Carolina Carrizo García
Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biología Vegetal (IMBIV- CONICET) y Departamento de Farmacia. Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, UNC., Argentina


The androecium ontogeny in Normania triphylla (Lowe) Lowe is described. The most peculiar features (e.g. early definition of zygomorphy, sinuous anthers, dorsal connectival appendages in the anthers, and lateral dehiscence line with an apical curve) are analyzed and discussed, as well as the differences between the androecium of Normania Lowe and Solanum L. The remarkable singularity of the androecium in Normania is emphasized.


anthers; morphological development; zygomorphy; ontogeny; Normania triphylla; Solanaceae

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