Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid, Vol 55, No 2 (1997)

Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on the genus Ononis L. (Leguminosae) in the Iberian Península and Balearic Islands

Juan Antonio Devesa Alcaraz
Departamento de Biología y Producción Vegetal (Botánica), Facultad de Biología, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain

Ginés López González
Real Jardín Botánico, CSIC, Spain


Ononis reuteri Boiss, is considered to be a good species, clearly different from O. aragonensis Asso, and hs presence in North África is confirmed. O. Hispanica L. f. is regarded as a nomen ambiguum, which should not be used. The classification of the O. natrix L. group is discussed and a new species of this group, O. talaverae Devesa & G. López, is described. O. crispa L., to the Balearic Islands endemic, is excluded from the Iberian Península flora. O. tridentate L. is typified. O. saxicola Boiss. & Reut. is considered to be merely a subspecies of O. pusilla L. The new combinations O. tridentata susbp. angustifolia (Lange) Devesa & G. López and O. pusilla var. calycina (Rouy) Devesa & G. López, are proposed.


Leguminosae; Ononis; taxonomy; nomenclature; chorology; Iberian Península; Balearic Islands; Morocco

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